About Us

At Ironman Distribution we are all about solutions

The Challenges of  E-Commerce in Construction:

As the owner of a steel erection company I have seen both the positives and negatives of online purchasing. Many times, we can find very competitive pricing online, but it doesn’t come with the peace of mind that a traditional vendor offers. You don’t have that trusted sales rep to rely on and its very unlikely that the person taking your order understands your industry. This lack of guidance or advice and often incorrect information makes it hard to maintain consistency of product quality and price. If you’re a smaller contractor, you may find yourself placing and reconciling orders manually after work or on weekends. Short of having a full time purchasing manager, buying product online in today’s market will probably not deliver the consistent results you need to manage your business with confidence.

What Makes Us Different:

We are a member-based purchasing platform and procurement service. This means we only sell to our members. By managing our member base, we can control the rate at which our company grows. By controlling growth, we can maintain the level of service our members depend on.

We also look to our members for feedback on new products and insight into products they would like us to carry. We are not tied down to any one supplier or brand. We work hard to bring the products you need to the table.

We are industry specific and our industry is steel erection. Everything in our store is field tested through my steel erection company or our members. We understand the products you use and what they are used for. We can offer insight into other products that may better suit your needs or offer better value. We work with our industry partners in the design of new products and provide them with valuable feedback to help them improve existing products. By working closely with members like you, we are building a sales platform that will put everything you need at your fingertips.