T-8 FCAW-S All Position Flux Core Self Shielding Wire

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The latest self-shielded T-8 wire from the designer of Coreshield 8, NR-232, and XLR-8.

Fast freezing, self-peeling flux that loves big fit up gaps and enables high deposition rates when welding out of position.

When tested by Ironworkers, they said "Can we throw the other stuff out?"

Spooled for use in portable wire feed welders such as the Lincoln LN25. The 8" x 15 lbs. reels also fit compact models like the Suitcase X-Treme 8VS and Activ8

Classifications:  E71T-8-H8 per AWS A5.20, ASME SFA 5.20, E71T8-A2-CS3-H16 per AWS A5.36, ASME SFA 5.36.

60 pounds per box. (8” x 15 lbs. spools / 4 per box)