E6011 Welding Electrode by Victory (50# Case)

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Victory E6011 features easy arc ignition tip and is shipped in 10 lbs. vacuum sealed tubes.

10 lbs. tubes allow for more accurate product disbursement to jobsites and drastically reduces waste from exposure vs product sold in 50 lbs. boxes.

Originally designed for root pass welding on pipe, E6011 makes and excellent rod for tac welding during fit-up applications. Although E6011 is still a favorite among many erectors for welded bridging we recommend you use E7014 for this application as E6011 is not a 70XX series rod and does not meet AWS D1.1 requirements for structural welding.

AWS/SFA 5.1 E6011 (does not meet AWS D1.1 for structural welding)

Sold by the 50# case of five 10# tubes.