E71T-8-H8 All-Position, Self-Shielded, FCAW Wire by Select-Arc (80# Case)

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The latest chapter in the evolution of all position T8 wire. It started with Coreshield 8, which the designer evolved in to XLR-8, and now the same engineer brings us Select 78.

Select 78 is extremely welder friendly in all positions, loves big gaps, and has the self peeling slag that makes every welder feel like a winner.

8" spools are compatible with compact portable wirefeeders like the Miller Suitcase X-Treme 8VS, and Lincoln ACTIV8 to enable 'walk-around' wire fed field welding.

Available diameters are 1/16", 0.072", and 5/64".

Sold in 80# cases of four 8" reels.